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[Podcasts] Celebrate Halloween With The Bloody Disgusting Podcast Network



After the final trick or treaters leave your front steps, grab the left over candy, put on your favorite headphones and get spooky with your choice of Halloween inspired podcasts from the Bloody Disgusting Podcast Network. All of our shows have done Halloween themed episodes for your enjoyment.

CREEPY wraps up his 31 Days of Horror and we’ve picked 5 of his best episodes to check out.

Please note that listener discretion is advised.

Day 14 – The Tall Man | Day 17 – Why Babies Are Born Screaming | Day 22 – Room Zero 

Day 24 – Parchment | Day 26 – The Smiling Man

The Horror Show takes a look at Boo! A Madea Halloween to find out if it’s scary good or frightfully bad.

Forever Midnight does a Linnea Quigley Double Feature on two great halloween Movies. Night of the Demons and The Barn.

Women in Caskets sit down and talk to director Jon Schnitzer and legendary Haunt actor Shar Mayer to discuss their movie Haunters: The Art of the Scare.

Test Pattern look at two ghost movies that terrified them as children, The Changeling and Lady in White.


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