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[BD Review] ‘I Am Zozo’ Is A No-No



It’s Halloween and a group of friends have dressed up, gone to a remote house with no electricity, and, of course, have decided to play with a Ouija board. I Am Zozo starts with this typical plot and runs aimlessly with it. The kids participating in the board usage are being disrespectful and rude which one would expect would lead them into true danger. In fact, they are told by a spirit that their safety is in jeopardy, there is a loud bang at the door, and we’re already a half hour into this movie and nothing has happened.

It isn’t until halfway through the movie that we finally ‘meet’ this (supposed) demonic force named Zozo. He speaks in third person, calls the Wiccan girl of the group a slut and bitch, says he wants to bang the good girl of the group – and that he wants to kill them all. Zozo mimics a card trick that one of the males of the group performed earlier where the card that is chosen goes missing which causes mass panic amongst the group. Then he drops a bombshell: Zozo is in the bathroom.

That’s pretty much where the movie ends up: in the toilet. Super slow, with no scares, and lacking any ambiance, I Am Zozo is only interesting perhaps in the fact that it was shot entirely on Super 8. Honestly, nothing happens in the movie. Absolutely nothing. Okay, a fish is gutted (gross but dumb) and there are stories told about scary occurrences. The good girl has a nightmare where she thrashes around on the bed and screams. Other than that, there is not much to tell you.

The DVD for I Am Zozo includes an interview with the filmmakers in which they briefly discuss the plot and the medium. The movie is “based on true stories”, which is to say that some people apparently believe they’ve been contacted by Zozo. There is a 10 minute interview with “survivor” Darren Evans about his encounter with Zozo. He even chokes up a few times while telling his tale. If the interview and the story he tells are true, Evans comes off like the biggest whackjob I’ve seen in a long time. If he it isn’t telling the truth, and this feature is scripted, he is the worst actor I have ever seen.

Yes, sometimes movies work in that nothing happens. Normally in these types of movies unsettled feelings that are induced take hold. I Am Zozo only took hold of an hour and a half of my life.


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