Review: "Abe Sapien" #13 - Bloody Disgusting
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Review: “Abe Sapien” #13



Abe Sapien” #13 comes with a fresh jumping on point to encourage new fans to pick up this great ongoing. Scott Allie and Mike Mignola really handed us a curve ball with last month’s issue and this month really shows the type of creative shake up the team injects to keep the story moving. Filled with great story telling and fantastic art work this book should be on everyone’s pull list.

23885WRITTEN BY: Mike Mignola and Scott Allie
ART BY: Sebastián Fiumara
PUBLISHER: Dark Horse Comics
PRICE: $3.50

Review by: GreenBasterd

Abe Sapien has spent the duration of his ongoing series searching for clues and connections to the mass destruction going on in the world and his mysterious transformation. After a run in with a particular scummy piece of man in the previous issue Abe has finally made some headway. Having “feelings” that are reminiscent of Fenix’s (oddly enough the b*tch who shot him) abilities have been leading Abe all around America and now lead to a new destination. After finding a family who have been using horse tranquilizers to subdue their transforming son, the group stumble upon a very eerie situation represents the  sense of foreboding that’s been following Abe around.

The issue begins with the sudden change in Abe’s demeanor; after the terrible situations he has constantly found himself in, all of which have ended badly, he has finally been able to focus on the good he can do. This starts with saving the young woman Grace from a hillbilly psychopath. Since saving Grace, Abe has certainly become more proactive, you can tell that Allie made this change in character purposefully as this issue has been dubbed a starting off point for new fans.

The art of this book is incredible as has become customary when dealing with either of the Fiumara brothers as illustrators and the ever talented colourist Dave Stewart. The images by Sebastián are quite powerful especially at the beginning where the raw monstrous side of Abe Sapien is on full display as he covers himself in the pulp of another man. The story has a dark feel and is reflected through the art as the panels remain highly shadowed and dark. Though the meat of this issue is slow the end of the issue sparks to life again and really allows for the artistic team to display their full repertoire with powerful imagery.

This issue is also special because it has a short story at the end of Abe in days past, this maybe short but it is sweet and reinforces the caring side of him that has been prevalent throughout the series. Making for another powerful issue coming out from Dark Horse this Abe Sapien creative team continues to deliver top notch storytelling with incredible art work.



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