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[Advance Comic Book Review] Killogy Halloween Special Is A Vivid Tribute to Grindhouse!



A visually stunning sequel, “Killogy Halloween Special” continues with its hard-broiled barrage of wisecracks, gore, and pulpy violence. Previously we had a star-studded cast — Brea Grant, Frank Vincent and Marky Ramone — and now this installment is carried by Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein, from punk/metal band, Misfits. The “Killogy” series continues to be a colorful and vivid tribute to grindhouse horror.

STK650975Written By: Alan Robert

Art By: Alan Robert

Publisher: IDW Publishing

Price: $3.99

Release: October 28, 2014

Reviewed By Jorge Solis

Even though the zombie uprising was stopped by the river of blood, the apocalypse has been dominated by the warriors and the weak.  In the leftover remains of the world, Doyle stands tall and ready to fight against the cannibals that thrive on eating dead skin. On a simple mission, Doyle steers his boat closer to the location where his missing friends might be. The last stop at the end of the world, everybody is invited to  is Mister Shakey’s Kingdom C*m Fleshouse.  

In this epic continuation, writer/artist Alan Robert takes a different approach with his storytelling and explores the apocalyptic world he created. Before, our protagonists were trapped inside a small and cramped prison cell, never realizing their crime-ridden city had gone straight to Hell. Now, we explore what life is really like in this hellhole through our leading anti-hero, Doyle. In the opening pages, Doyle has to travel by boat because cars have been obliterated by the bloody red sea.

Readers are given a much bigger room that Robert can play around with. In the opening pages, Doyle has to use his surroundings to take down three cannibalistic bounty hunters. I found myself rooting for Doyle as I kept turning the action-packed pages. While everyone else is loud and over-the-top, Robert uses minimal dialogue for his main lead to capture his toughness.

Robert uses a bright and vibrant color scheme, pouring on the reds and greens in his panels. In an impressive two-pager, Robert takes readers inside Shakey’s, which is a mixture of strip club, motorcycle bar, and costume ball. In one corner, you see two costumed cannibals cutting up a dead body.  In the other, there is a stripper showing off her naked body to Doyle.   

Using the likeness of his former ‘Misfits’ guitarist is still an interesting experiment from Robert. Never gimmicky, Robert captures the punkish hairstyle and the white make-up.  In a splash page, Doyle is a spot-on action star as he rises from the waters.    

Readers are in for a extra special treat because we get a sneak peek of Robert’s upcoming ‘The Shunned One.’ Robert pushes his artwork to another level with this story about an angel gone rogue. After reading these pages, I cannot wait for this comic to come out. “Killogy” stand outs as my personal favorite from Alan Robert’s works, which is why I am so happy the “Killogy Halloween Special” delivers the goods. I cannot to see what he does with ‘The Shunned One.’


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