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[Review] ‘See No Evil 2’ Worth a Halloween Look



See No Evil 2

‘Killer Karl,’ who reviewed Kristy for us, is getting more regular as he’s turned in his thoughts on Lionsgate and WWE’s See No Evil 2, opening this weekend on VOD.

See No Evil 2, the sequel nobody asked for.

In 2006 WWE and Lionsgate made sweet love and created their first baby, See No Evil, a slasher movie starring wrestling superstar Glenn ‘Kane’ Jacobs. It (surprisingly) went theatrical and didn’t fare well among critics nor fans, although some have found it does have long legs in terms of re-watchability. Even so, nobody ever wanted a sequel, or cared for that matter. So, when it was announced, it came as a shock. At least expectations were kept in check…

With See No Evil 2, WWE tapped Jen and Sylvia Soska to direct, who reunited with American Mary star Katharine Isabelle. It bizarrely opens up on the same night as the first, even though it took place 8 years prior. The problem with this is that it forces the characters to continually reference the first film over and over, which makes the film a but exposition heavy. Being that it’s the unfortunate direction the filmmakers chose to take, this is the path we must follow and it begins in a morgue, where Danielle Harris and her boyfriend finishing up work before preparing to celebrate her birthday. A pretty great scare introduces the friends, and brings the group into the single location that looks to be the same hospital used at the end of The Innkeepers.

During the festivities, the sex-crazed Isabelle rides a presumably dead Jacob Goodnight, who awakens angry and ready to punish the sinners. Although the violence is pretty regular, none of it is really all that impactful, with some being as tame as throats or heads being crushed, and the camera focusing on the dead or dying teens for way too long.

The introduction of a mask for Jacob Goodnight was a solid idea, although it appears it was an easy way to cover the effects filed eye that was removed in the finale of the first film. (And I’m pretty sure it switched eyes later in the movie.) I also don’t really buy his motive, which was force fed down our throats again through flashback (you know, to remind us that the first exists.)

It’s not a bad movie per se, and is surprisingly fun through the first hour. But once Jacob Goodnight begins stalking the halls everything slows to a crawl. Maybe it’s because the environment was so generic, or maybe it was because it’s not a franchise I care to see continue on, but it was hard to remain engaged until the very end.

That said, I wish this were a standalone sequel instead of being forced into a corner in trying to continue the events from 8 years ago. But as it stands, See No Evil 2 is a fun little VOD rental for your Halloween festivities, especially if you’re seeking something new to watch. Otherwise, you may be better off picking up the Halloween box set or Texas Chain Saw Massacre re-release for something that’s both nostalgic and franchise-worthy. Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear Jacob Goodnight is staying dead anytime soon…”

Editor’s note: I cleaned up the following review for grammar.

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