[Comic Book Review] "Wolf Moon" #1 Offers Wonderful Werewolf Bloodlust - Bloody Disgusting
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[Comic Book Review] “Wolf Moon” #1 Offers Wonderful Werewolf Bloodlust



A heart-pounding rollercoaster ride, “Wolf Moon” #1  lets loose on the bloodlust found in the lycanthropy lore.  This is an unflinching look at the hairy creatures who howl at the full moon. The “Wolf Moon” series delivers a promising introduction with such intensity, I cannot wait to get my hands on the second issue.


WRITTEN BY: Cullen Bunn

ART BY: Jeremy Haun

PUBLISHER:  Vertigo Comics

PRICE: $3.99

RELEASE: December 3, 2014

Reviewed By Jorge Solis

Dillon has been haunted every night by the deaths of his hunter pack. Though they were well-armed, nothing could have prepared them for the bloodthirsty and savage beast waiting for them. Though Dillon survived, he has been scarred physically and must always live with that reminder that he failed his friends. Because the lunar cycle is almost coming to an end, Dillon is up against time itself to find his friend’s murderer.  

Writer Cullen Bunn takes an interesting twist on the werewolf mythology, removing the “curse” aspect. Instead, the werewolf is a more of a symptom to an ever-spreading disease. Dillon, the hunter, is more interested in finding a cure to the disease, than putting the monster out of its misery. Bunn uses Dillon’s narration to voice the everyman’s internal conflict to explain the extraordinary.  

The werewolf transformation is still painful to the human host before and after. Bunn portrays the host as a victim and the wolf itself as thrill-seeker.  Plus the human host has to vomit the people he ate as a werewolf afterwards. Those gagging scenes are jaw-dropping,  but I’m really glad that Bunn explained that course of actio;, instead of being gross  for gore’s sake.

Artist Jeremy Haun goes to the max when it comes down to graphic violence. In an extreme close-up, Haun illustrates the wolf’s claws going through the man’s cheeks. Haun then kicks it up a notch, by drawing the fingers in the wolf’s fanged mouth. Notice how Haun also follows continuity, making sure there are always three marks on the side of Dillon’s face.

I enjoyed the vivid colors by Lee Loughridge in each panel. In a striking scene, Dillon attempts to run over the werewolf with his jeep. The tones are brightly yellow because the headlights are the main source. We then see the shape of the creature through its silhouette.

Off to a great start, “Wolf Moon” #1 oozes with bloody goodness. I really hope the second issue holds up to this intensity.


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