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[Advanced Comic Book Review] Garbage Pail Kids Puke-tacular! Relive the 80s In This Gross-Out Meta Comic



Because Santa is real and gives me everything I want for Christmas, IDW is bringing us “Garbage Pail Kids: Puke-tacular!” We are closing in on the 30th Anniversary of these gross little creations and to celebrate, we’re being treated with the very first comic book ever to feature the dirty (literally dirty) scoundrels. Various creators have come together to craft highly stylized and disgustingly innovative but extremely true-to-form Garbage Pail Kids in this totally vomit-worthy (I say that with all the love of a child from the 80s) story. On Christmas Eve day, you can buy this deluxe edition one shot that is “Suggested for Immature Readers 13+” …add it to your Christmas list.


ART BY: Various


PRICE: $3.99

RELEASE: December 17, 2014


This deluxe edition features four covers, the retail cover with extra pimples, the retailer incentive cover featuring Comic Connor and what looks like a foam Zelda sword(!), the subscription blank sketch cover for your very own commissioned cover art, and the deluxe cover featuring Comic-Con Ron who is my absolute favorite Garbage Pail Kid ever. He’s what comic book dreams are made of. (Psst…he has the very same glasses as our very own comics editor Zac Thompson. Angels do exist.)

To start the comic off, Nat Nerd and Comic-Con Ron head to the Lower Sandusky Comic-Con. Ron is there on serious business. Comic-Con is not just a fun event for this smelly little fellow. Unfortunately, Nat Nerd is only there to eat, load up on free swag and check out the “Intergalactic Lass(es).” (It’s nice to see the Garbage Pail Kids’ puns and play-on-words remain intact after all these years.)

That’s just the first story of many though. The issue bounces from place to place, plot to plot, kid to kid (or grown up 80s kid to grown up 80s kid) with the finesse of an elephant stampede. But it fits the mood. A regularly plotted story about gross, bizarre adult-babies wouldn’t work. It’d just be too damn weird. And um, you guys, I don’t know how to tell you this without giving you a happy heart attack but Potty Scotty and Jason Basinburster make a comeback and they have a literal shit-off. And at some point there’s an octopus in there… I know. You’re welcome. Look I’m about as lady-like as they come but no one, I repeat, no child from the 80s can resist this stuff. It’s just too bold to ignore.

“Garbage Pail Kids: Puke-tacular” is a lot of fun, I’m guessing just as much for us older kids as it is for the younger tweeners. There are a ton of throwbacks to the 80s but enough new comic genre tropes and stereotypes to keep children of the 21st century involved. It’s gross, just as we all remember it being, perhaps not as evil or violent (I remember some really malicious Garbage Pail Kids), but the ick factor remains intact. There are some really clever meta-moments not only for us old-timers, but also for comic con frequenters and really, just fanboys/girls in general. Buy it for your tween and then keep it for yourself. You know you want to.


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