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[Advance Comic Review] “Hoax Hunters” #1 – Offers A Brilliant Reintroduction To The Series



“Hoax Hunters” prides itself on a brilliant premise. A collection of paranormal investigators use their show “Hoax Hunters” as a vehicle to debunk various paranormal events across the world, but in reality solve the cases themselves. Think of it as a more adult Scooby Doo for the reality television world, then add in intelligent elements of horror and you’re on the right track. The book was originally published by Image Comics, but reading the previously published issues isn’t required. The creative team have handed the reigns of the series to Heavy Metal, and have created a handy catchup PDF for those of you in the cold, which will be linked at the bottom of this review.


Hoax Hunters (2015) #1
Written by: Steve Seeley, Michael Moreci
Art by: Chris Dibari
Item Code: JAN151482
In Shops: 3/25/2015

SRP: $3.50″Hoax Hunters” #1 
does a brilliant job at reintroducing the series, but proves to be a bold new direction. There is a certain confidence to the script that doesn’t feel bogged down in over explaining anything. Instead the incredibly fun world of “Hoax Hunters” pours off every page creating an engaging read that doesn’t let up until the final page, and even then, the final panel. This is a fantastic reintroduction, and the perfect series for Heavy Metal to set the tone for their new comics branding.

The series picks up with what is left of the team moving through cases to investigate and debunk. The pathway seems clear, and then some crazy shit starts to drift in and fear takes hold. Its sublime, thanks to a much darker and grittier tone to the series that ever before. The colors are muddier the white of the gutters has bleed into a stained yellow, and the book reads like an old pulp adventure.

The team of Donovan, Regan, Murder and Ken are missing their regular leader, and the issue toys with that lack of leadership by giving an invigorated new direction. Except its from Donovan, a character who has proven in the past to be a little less than reliable. But he’s driven. So everyone heads off to Paris to investigate those beautifully haunting catacombs beneath the city. What becomes clear, is that as it gets more difficult to manipulate a reality show control starts to turn to a mess, and the issue kicks into high gear.

Below the streets of Paris, in a perfectly preserved world where nothing dies the Hunters are pushed against insurmountable odds and everything goes haywire. I’m trying my best to avoid spoilers here, but there a few things that happen in the back half of this issue that really sting. I don’t know where the team will be by the time I pick up the next issue, but I’m worried, really worried. Perhaps this is thanks to the wonderfully honest script by Moreci and Seeley. The two writers imbue an element of sheer… blindness to this new chapter. Without a leader, the Hunters are aliens in a job they’ve done many times before. It’s enjoyable to see, if only to watch the chaos that descends upon them by the end of the issue.

Chris Dibari’s art is really the star of the issue, though. He’s able to capture a pulp feel that perfectly embodies the feeling of the series. It not only enhances my enjoyment of the book, but adds a paramount element of fun, scratchy adventure, if that makes any sense. His art makes the book feel like “Five Ghosts” in the world of “Ghost Hunters” it’s a weird combination, but it works perfectly.

“Hoax Hunters” #1 is a welcome return of the series, that should be part of everyone’s pull list, new or old fan alike, there is so much to enjoy on these pages.

Here’s that handy recap too, now you have no excuse not to pick up this #1HH_Recap


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