Review: 'Clown' Delivers All Sorts of Juicy Surprises
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[Review] ‘Clown’ Delivers All Sorts of Juicy Surprises




Even though there’s no release date set for the U.S. (as of this writing), the Eli Roth-produced Clown is now on home video in the UK.

The feature spawned from a faux trailer that pegged Roth as the director of a horror film about a man who transforms into an evil clown.

Jon Watts directs the story that begins when a real estate agent finds a clown suit that he puts on for his son’s birthday party. The craziness begins almost immediately when he can’t remove the colored wig or red nose that are synonymous with clowns.

While there’s a lot of fun stuff happening in Clown, the concept is better suited for a short film (see the irony in that?).

Clown comes sprinting out of the gate, delivering all sorts of juicy surprises. But as quick as things get going, everything comes to a screeching halt. The meat of the film feels like a short concept stretched into feature length, and that’s ultimately the film’s undoing.

Even though it’s mostly a bore, there’s still some really cool and fun stuff scattered throughout. Watts has our clown attempt suicide, building a ton of suspense around a homemade device that would decapitate him (the only way to kill the demon). Also surprising is Watts’ unapologetic killing of children, although he makes the huge mistake in not taking it all the way (we never actually see these children die, or be eaten).

Whenever the clown bleeds, it leaves a colorful rainbow of gore that represents the missed opportunity. Still, it’s hard to not recommend a film that’s so unique, clever and ballsy in nature. Clown is still a great weekend rental, especially for horror fans sick of the generic crap being unloaded on a weekly basis.

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