Tiger Lung HC Is A Surreal Prehistoric Adventure
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[Comic Review] “Tiger Lung” HC Is A Masterful And Surreal Prehistoric Adventure



Simon Roy’s “Tiger Lung” is a visual feast, proving the incredible artist also has a phenomenal talent for imaginative writing.The prehistoric age has never been more weird and compelling, as “Tiger Lung” is an absolute trip – cover to cover.


ART BY: Simon Roy & Jason Wordie
PUBLISHER: Dark Horse Comics 
PRICE: $15.99
RELEASE: December 3, 2015

For someone who seemingly takes comfort in the stranger and more surreal corners of science fiction, Roy has absolutely no issue making stories with emotive humans. The facial expressions alone tell a story in “Tiger Lung.”

But here you get a deeply educated look at Paleolithic culture and the three tiered level of existence that seems so foreign to us now. Roy creates a captivating world in each of the three stories within and manages to surprise within each collected short.

In “Under The Ice” we see a hero go against his greatest challenge – the expectations of his forefathers. And, Roy expertly treads the line between the strange and the historic ultimately using unconventional paneling to really lead you into a surreal abyss of insanity by the last few pages, and the entire ride is well worth it.

The “Hyena’s Daughter” is a much more straightforward narrative that still captures that idea of the uncanny in a beautifully different way than what came before. The result is a story about confronting something we don’t or can’t possibly understand and seceding yourself to the larger life stream of the universe. It’s a captivating read set with new challenges entirely brought to life by Roy’s singular black and white water colors. It’s captivating, and when things truly get strange Roy is at his all time best in the book. He can really bring a dead body to life.

Finally, “Song For The Dead” tackles what these people think of the afterlife in a visually dynamic way. Roy has always had a great talent for creating otherworldly creatures and here he uses his sci fi roots to create an earthly equivalent. The result is something I’ve come to say often in this review – it’s uncanny, surreal, and strange. But most of all it’s beautiful.

I’ve ranted about the powerful visuals, but this book is memorable thanks to its emotional core. Each short has its own theme, and within these stories you’ll find a compelling look at how we relate to one another, the world we’re in, and our expectations of what comes after. The metaphors may be different for each person who picks it up, but they won’t be any less powerful.

“Tiger Lung” is crafted with the type of meticulous care that usually comes from a large and dedicated creative team. Here, Simon Roy and Jason Wordie masterfully build an incredible world all by themselves. Inside these pages you’ll find unconventional paneling, emotional storytelling, and things you’ve never seen in a comic.

The time period is strange, the characters are stranger, and the result is nothing short of impressive. The hand made feel of the entire book lends itself to the historical setting. You feel as if you’re holding a comic made from a time gone by. “Tiger Lung” is something crafted by a few artisans at the height of their creative powers, and it’s necessary reading for those of you looking to expand your indie comics collection with some truly extraordinary one of a kind work.




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