[Album Review] Title Fight 'Hyperview'
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[Album Review] Title Fight ‘Hyperview’



Organic is a really good way to describe Title Fight’s evolution. The band has grown from their punk/hardcore roots to embracing a more experimental and shoegaze sound. But this shouldn’t be taken as a negative as those hardcore influences are what gives their sound the depth that a lot of bands that play this style of music usually fall flat of.

Their last LP, Floral Green as well as their last EP Spring Songs should have been a pretty good heads up of what was to come with Hyperview.

The intro to the album, “Murder Your Memory”, comes off as that “calm before the storm” sound. It’s very dreamy and slips silently right into the first single of the album “Chlorine”. The song is almost disruptive with its twangy-crushing guitar intro, almost like someone smacked you awake then hugged you for getting up. It’s a great indicator as a taste of things to come from the album.

From there, every song on this album flows together in a way that comes off as effortless, but still very much thought out. “Mrahc” sounds like a song from The Jesus And Mary Chain’s first length or even a Joy Division B-side from their early years. Quick and punchy but still carries that hollow sound. “Your Pain Is Mine Now” is the epitome of a sad bastard song. It scratches that itch of self loathing and sadness that we all pretend we don’t love to embrace every once in a while.

It shouldn’t go unnoticed the quality in production courtesy of producer Will Yip, who has also produced bands such as Blacklisted, La Dispute and Circa Survive. He also produced Floral Green and Spring Songs. At this point he should really be considered a 5th member of the band. He honestly gets them and has helped them come into their own. It’s very refreshing.

A lot of long time fans might be a little bummed with this album. This is understandable, but at the end of the day they still sound like Title Fight and that is something that shouldn’t go unnoticed. Many bands that come out of the same genre waste your time and money churning out the same material every year and a half. But not this band. They took their time and put out something you can tell wasn’t just whipped together.

The Final Word: Hyperview is a fantastic album that adds even more substance to Title Fight‘s discography. It is, however, a dividing line. But that should be taken as a positive.



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