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[Comic Review] “Convergence” #0 Fails To Excite



DC Comics’  “Convergence” event begins now and I can’t for the life of me figure out why we needed this zero issue. If you want a weird over-expository justification for why Brainiac (cough-DC-cough) is doing whatever the hell he is doing this is the perfect book for you, but if you know the general gist of the event, then you’ll learn nothing new here.


WRITTEN BY: Jeff King, Dan Jurgens
ART BY: Ethan Van
PRICE: $4.99
RELEASE: April 1, 2015

The issue begins with Superman floating in space. He’s quickly greeted by Brainiac as we currently know him in the New 52 universe. The ultra smart AI tells Superman all about his master plan in coy and indirect terms. Superman acts like a melodramatic soap opera star. He keeps pining about his lost city of metropolis.

The most interesting plot point comes from Brainiac’s visual appearance. The villain keeps inexplicably morphing into his past selves as he shows Superman several contained universes. Each hero inside must prove himself or herself worthy in order to escape to the world of the New 52. Thus providing the impetus to rewrite DC continuity as they see fit.

Which was basically the same thing that we had going into the New 52. Just explain to me how Grant Morrison’s Batman Inc and Scott Synder’s Batman existed in the same time line. Please, try it. I dare you. It doesn’t make any sense.

In any event the zero issue is all set up. Really earning the title of a zero issue because next to nothing happens. In fact so little happens that you’d be better off reading the solicit to gain an idea of what’s going to happen next. Because for $4.99 this book doesn’t offer much in the way of value. It doesn’t spin the story in a new way, and it certainly doesn’t reveal some secrets about the event going forward.

I wish I could say Dan Jurgens and Jeff King’s script is a solid introduction to their event, but even that is haphazard. Superman speaks like a bewildered 1920’s debutant who’s been misplaced in time in space. I mean at one point he says “that explains your parlor tricks.”

The art is serviceable thanks to Ethan Van Sciver ability to bend time and space. It’s a solid reason to at least flip through the book. But even some of his panels are rough around the edges. They give the idea that he didn’t have a whole lot of time to finish the book once he got to the latter half and sadly it really shows.

So I guess I can only recommend this if you’re really hungry for Convergence and you really can’t wait until it actually starts next week. As with most other #0 issues not much of worth happens here. But if you want to see Superman deliver lines like “…my powers, wonky” then this is the book for you.