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[Comic Review] “Oh, Killstrike” #1 Channels 90’s Nostalgia



“Oh, Killstrike” #1 has an interesting premise, a 90’s superhero somehow enters our world with only vengeance on his agenda. The greatest obstacle standing before this comic is whether or not it’ll grow beyond 90’s superhero nostalgia. So far in the first issue it hasn’t overstayed its welcome but hopefully it can grow into something more in the coming issues.



ART BY: Logan Faerber


PRICE: $2.99

RELEASE: 20 May 2015

Our protagonist, Jared, was a hardcore superhero fan in the 90’s. Happily gobbling it all up in its time but now he’s all about D.I.Y. indie comics and more importantly he’s a new father. So when his old #1 issue of the fictional 90’s comic gem Killstrike finally sells for $100,000 online he’s ecstatic. His wife doesn’t full understand at first, which acts as a great exposition device as he swiftly brings her and the reader up to date on superhero comics during the 90’s. Then the only step left is to go back to his mother’s house and collect his old issue.

This is where the fun beings and the issue really kicks off. As soon as Jared finds the issue Killstrike himself leaps out from the page screaming “VENGEANCE!” He looks wickedly 90’s, sporting grotesquely bulging muscles, teenie tiny feet, tribal tattoos and pouches for every season. While his look is spot on his dialogue and actions feel a bit at odds with the meathead they’re trying to sell him as. He comes off more like a lost puppy at times than the relentless killing machine we’re told he is.

Even though it comes off a little strange in its own way it makes him endearing. He’s in a world that’s totally foreign to him, one that requires a bit less vengeance in day-to-day life than he’s accustomed to. The promise of Killstrike in Manhattan for the next issue definitely has my hopes up as this issues he only really interacts with Jared. Seeing the world at large react to him will be quite the treat I’m sure.

Oh, Killstrike is a solid first outing for a book that’s true potential will take a few more issues to fully evaluate. I can see it becoming a rad late life coming of age story but it could also flounder under too much 90’s nostalgia.


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