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[TV Review] “iZombie” Episode 1.12: ‘Dead Rat, Live Rat, Brown Rat, White Rat’




With just one episode left in the season, iZombie had a lot of loose ends to tie up with this episode, and boy did it deliver! It was a jam-packed episode, to be sure, but so much development was made and many of those aforementioned loose ends were tied up (although Major still didn’t learn Liv’s secret). There were a few issues involving Liv’s brother’s reappearance (more on that later), but this was definitely one of iZombie’s best episodes, and a perfect way to head into the finale. 

First of all, the references to I Know What You Did Last Summer were amazing (as was the fact that a character actually called out the similarities to the film). I’m a child of the 90s, and I love that movie. The cold open (which is possibly my favorite one of the season) had our newly zombified Sebastian getting hit by a car full of teenagers (one of whom is Bex Taylor-Klaus, who plays Sin on Arrow!). They bury him “alive,” only for him to dig himself out of his grace and kill one of them.

What was so great about this episode is that it really gave Rose McIver a chance to play around (more so than usual). She ate not one, but two brains tonight. While the stoner persona was quite hilarious, I preferred the ditzy cheerleader brain, as it made Liv the most fun and personable she has ever been on iZombie.

What iZombie also managed to do this week is have a lot of comedy with an equal amount of horror. This is possibly the darkest episode the show has done all season. It’s can be difficult to strike a balance between horror and comedy, but “DR, LR, BR, WR” (I refuse to type the entire title again) pulled it off masterfully. The final montage of the episode set up what could be an exciting season finale. My only question is, who murdered(?) Bex Taylor-Klaus? It wasn’t Blaine, so I guess that leaves a Max Rager employee? Hopefully we find out next week but that might be something that gets left until Season 2 to resolve.


The major development of the episode was Peyton finding out the truth about Liv. While the scene between McIver and Aly Michalka was great, it’s disheartening that Peyton has had the least amount of screen time among Liv’s close circle of friends. That made the revelation slightly underwhelming since we don’t connect with Peyton nearly as well as we do with a character like Major (TELL HIM), but the two actresses pulled it off. Also, it should be noted that the fight scene between Liv and Sebastian was phenomenal. More of this in Season 2, please.

Speaking of Major, he found himself in even more trouble this week, as he ended the episode tied up in the Meat Cute kitchen. I’ve loved everything involving Major this season, which I have mentioned before. While I don’t think iZombie will be bold enough to kill him, it’s possible they could turn him into a zombie. My only gripe about his storyline involves Liv’s brother, Evan. Once he walked into the Meat Cute (with Major tied up in the back) I nearly groaned. The reason for this is that it was teased six episodes ago. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad it finally happened, but the fact that it took so long was frustrating. We haven’t seen much (any?) of Liv’s family since “Maternity Liv” so to have that ball dropped on us out of the blue was surprising, but frustrating.

I know it sounds like I bitched a little too much about “Dead Rat, Live Rat, Brown Rat, White Rat,” but I really did love the episode! It’s one of iZombie’s strongest episodes yet and set up what could be a potentially fantastic finale next week. Thank God we’re getting a second season!

Random Notes

  • Chapter Titles Of The Week: Why Did The Zombie Cross The Road?; Remains Of The Day; But I’m A Cheerleader; Band On The Run; The Day The “Music” Died; Stoner? I Hardly Knew Her; Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner. I give the edge to But I’m A Cheerleader, mostly because I love that movie.
  • Zombie Power Of The Week: There’s TWO this week! Ditzy Cheerleader and Lazy Stoner.
  • “Somebody needs to do chest compressions to the beat of ‘All For The Best’ from Godspell!” -I’m a huge sucker when TV shows and movies spoof religious fanatics. I find it absolutely hilarious.
  • “Why are you here and not carrying astronaut brains?” -I love the nonchalant way brains are discussed on iZombie.
  • All of Liv’s cheerleader-speak was hilarious and very Elle Woods-y.
  • Clive ate brains and got them confused for….mushrooms? Alright.
  • “What is this bizarre seque that’s happening right now?” -Blaine, on Julien discussing the “health inspector’s” physical appearance.
  • “You saw I Know What You Did Last Summer 2?” -It bugged me that Liv got the title wrong, but her delivery on this was too funny for me to care that much.
  • Liv, there actually IS a third I Know What You Did Last Summer. And it’s terrible. It’s called I’ll Always Know What You Did Last Summer.
  • “I need to drink some more cheerleader. Put some pep in my step!” -There’s that nonchalantness again.
  • The season finale is next week, you guys! See you then! Until that time, here’s the promo:

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