'Dude Bro Party Massacre III' Reviewed!
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[Review] ‘Dude Bro Party Massacre III’ Is a Gut-Busting, Beer-Soaked Fever Dream



If the title Dude Bro Party Massacre III doesn’t make you chuckle at east a little bit, then take a hike, Professor Highbrow. This ain’t your cup of tea. An hysterical barrage of WTF moments and bloody practical effects make up the bulk of the film, all wrapped around a revenge-slasher plot. It was made by the folks at 5-second films, a comedy troupe that made their name producing Vine-length comedy videos. That should give you some idea for how swift and relentless the humor comes in DBPMIII.

The film is presented as a long-lost banned film that was recorded off late night TV in the ‘80s. Snippets of twisted commercial pop up now and then. Cameos from the likes of Patton Oswalt, Andrew W.K., and Larry King show that the film is paying homage, rather than trying the old “years later this tape was found by police” gag a lot of contemporary horror still insists on pulling. It begins with wicked fun and gory kill reel from the first two installments that features some truly creative kills, including murder by arcade machine, juicer, and an homage to Kevin Bacon’s death in Friday the 13th. The original killer is a disfigured sorority mother knows as “Motherface.” When she was killed by frat boys, her daughter carved her mother’s face off and donned it s a mask to carry on her homicidal rampage. All of this exposition is presented in this opening highlight reel so no time is wasted when the real film kicks off.

Our protagonist is Brent Chirino (Alec Owen), whose brother was recently murdered by Motherface 2.0. To further investigate his demise, Brent begrudgingly leaves his life of gloomy solitude to pledge to the fraternity his brother called home. The head of the fraternity, Derek (The Room’s Greg Sestero), welcomes Brent with open arms. Others, like the raging hard-on Turbeaux (Paul Prado), aren’t so welcoming. Though Brent isn’t treated as poorly as new pledge Sizzler (Jimmy Wong – who’s confined to a “beef box” for much of the third act), he still has to gain the trust of his new brothers.

There is a subplot concerning two police officers, one of which is convinced that the fratboys are really sentient bags of oranges. To make them return to their true form, police chief Patton Oswalt instructs him to “bop them on the nose.” As gleefully oddball as that is, this subplot really hinders the madcap pace of the film.

Besides that small complaint about the subplot, DBPMIII is far better than I expected. The jokes hit hard and fast and the whole film’s quotable as hell. The creators and actors have been doing comedy for years and it shows in their timing. Some of the best gags are planted early on in the film only to pay off long after. I’m looking at you, President Reagan. This mix of absurd toilet humor, genuine cleverness, and true horror spirit make DBPMIII a kick ass party movie you can watch while pounding beers or enjoy just as much on sober weekday. It’s a wicked impressive debut film and chances are you’ll see this gut-buster popping up on Best Of lists at the end of the year.

Dude Bro Party Massacre III is available now on iTunes and from the film’s website.