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[TV Review] “Scream” Episode 2.05: ‘Dawn of the Dead’



Scream 2.05 Review

For an episode titled “Dawn of the Dead,” there sure wasn’t a lot of death. I said in my review last week that I would riot if an episode titled “Dawn of the Dead” didn’t feature a high body count, and here I am rioting. It’s a cool idea to name episodes of Scream after famous horror movies (in case you hadn’t caught on to season 2’s gimmick by now), but at least make them thematically relevant to the plot of the episode. All of the other episode titles made sense, but unless the title is referring to people finally realizing that Jake is dead, the title “Dawn of the Dead” doesn’t apply here. That being said, it was actually a pretty fun bottle episode of the series that essentially served as a place-setting episode for the rest of the season. That bottle episode I was jonesing for last week was delivered this week, and the results were mostly great.

After last week’s Carrie-esque finale, Sheriff Acosta decides to lock down the school and puts all of the students in the library. Shockingly, his deputies aren’t very good at ensuring no one leaves said library (seriously, kids were just strolling in and out of there) and Acosta is proving to be the worst sheriff Lakewood has probably ever had. After letting Kieran off the hook for bringing a gun to school(!) he then takes Maggie off the case for revealing privileged information to Brooke before using Jake’s lifeless hand to unlock his phone. Isn’t that considered tampering with the body or something? Get it together Acosta! Miguel did get in some good zingers on Brooke’s dad this week though, which nearly made up for his ineptness.

Once again, Brooke is seeing the most evolution as a character this week (though Emma nearly gave her a run for her money). Though she has limited screen time, she makes the most of her scenes, effectively moving through the five stages of grief in just a few hours. It’s a little silly but what about Scream isn’t silly? Young sells it and her final moment in the pool (see below) was heartbreaking to watch. We’ll have to wait and see the long-term effects Jake’s death has on her, but one would hope it steels her instead of breaks her.

Someone who refuses to be broken is Emma. I’ve come down on Willa Fitzgerald a lot in the past but she is really making a strong impression this season. After a few episodes of PTSD Emma, we are finally starting to see glimpses of a smart, strong Emma who is on a mission. Dare I say that she is starting to remind me of Sidney Prescott? Emma lying to Acosta about her encounter with the killer was the first time she had truly made anything resembling an intelligent decision, and it was a triumph for the show. Better late than never, right? She was even bold enough to break things off with Kieran, which everyone should back her on. Kieran still fails to make any sort of an impression on the show. Eli, who has been around for two or three episodes, feels like more of a character than Kieran at this point. So we can thank the killer for putting Jake’s phone in Emma’s purse.

Emma’s altercation with Haley, while amusing, came a little out of the blue. Other than the opening scene of the season and one other stairwell run-in with Audrey, Scream hasn’t exactly done much to show us why she is so antagonistic towards Emma. This lack of development on the show’s part made her bitchery towards Emma feel out of place. Who is this girl? Why should we care? It’s the same problem the show has had with Zoe and establishing her as a character. After the catfight, Ms. Lang locks Emma in her office, so that she can come out of her panic attack. She is all about breaking teacher-student boundaries, isn’t she? Oh well, at least Emma knows there’s a new killer now.

Audrey’s adventures through the school led straight to an encounter with Gustavo (I still refuse to call him ‘Stavo) after she saw him once again drawing bloody pictures of the Lakewood Six Five. Why was Gustavo working on his pictures in the middle of a murder investigation where all of the other students could see what he was doing? Because plot, I guess. The kid isn’t very smart, and watching Audrey call him out on his bullshit was a real treat. Unfortunately for Audrey, Noah finally (finally!) caught on to her bullshit and pickpocketed her phone only to look through it and see all of her texts with the killer, including that GIF of her in the storage unit. This terrible subplot will hopefully be coming to an end in the next one or two episodes, as Noah is going to have to confront her about the whole “pulling pins off of Jake’s corpse” thing.

Despite there being no body count whatsoever this week, “Dawn of the Dead” was a strong bottle episode of the series that closed out the first act of the season. Now let’s kill someone next week, okay?

Random Notes

  • In case you didn’t notice, Scream was moved from it’s 11/10c Monday night time slot to Tuesdays at 10/9c. If ratings don’t improve I’m 99% positive we won’t get a third season. Tell your friends to watch the show you guys!
  • Just an FYI: five days have passed in the Scream season 2 timeline.
  • Zoe who?
  • Upcoming titles include: “Jeepers Creepers,” “Let the Right One In,” “Village of the Damned,” “The Orphanage,” “The Vanishing” (I’m stoked to see how this one ends. If you’ve seen the movie you’ll know why), and “Heavenly Creatures.”
  • “One man’s creep is another man’s-” “Creep.”
  • “So, I found Jake Fitzgerald just like you asked.” -This line almost won me over on Acosta.
  • “No. You’d never drop a body in front of your daughter. A freezer in the garage? Now that’s more your style.” -This line did win me over on Acosta.
  • Once again, all Gustavo did this week was deliver creepy stares before getting beat up. I’m sure Santiago Segura is a fine actor, but Scream is doing him no favors. Give him something to work with show.
  • If you listen to podcasts and enjoy Scream, check out the Los Angeles-based “Do You Like Scary Podcasts?” podcast, hosted by Kaitlin Reilly and John Padden. The episodes run longer than a single episode of Scream, but it’s a pretty great listen. They like the show but also understand how silly the whole thing is. Thumbs up!
  • Alas, there was no Brooke bitch face this week, so here is a GIF for you all to use when you’re upset (like perhaps when Scream inevitably gets cancelled):

Scream Brooke

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