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[TV Review] “Scream” Episode 2.09: ‘The Orphanage’



Scream 2.08 Review

Another episode of Scream brings us yet another dream sequence. When is Scream going to stop faking us out with dream sequences where someone gets stabbed, only to cut to Emma waking up in fear? It’s become old hat at this point so there really isn’t anything else to say on the subject, except that it was lazy last season, it was lazy five episodes ago and it’s lazy now. Let’s get to the real meat of the episode.

It turns out that Emma can hold a grudge. After learning about Audrey’s involvement with Piper arriving in Lakewood, she completely shuts her out for the majority of the episode. Rather than take responsibility for her mistake, Audrey sees fit to blame Noah for recording her confession and then Zoe for sending it to Emma. This is yet another example of how insufferable Audrey has become this season. For one thing, even if Zoe had sent Emma the recording, it doesn’t change the fact that Audrey had multiple opportunities to come clean to Emma and she botched it (a fact that Noah rightly calls her out on). She has always looked for a way out and even when she is clearly in the wrong, she looks to blame anyone else. We do get a little bit of insight into why she was so afraid to tell Emma (she had felt Emma’s alienation once before and was loathe to feel it again), but at this point in the season it’s too little, too late. Ultimately, this was one subplot that was dragged out for far too long.

The subplot that wasn’t dragged on at all was Emma’s anger towards Audrey. While there was a nice moment with Emma shoving Audrey against a locker (just like Audrey had done to Haley a few episodes ago), their conflict seems to have been fully resolved by the end of the episode, with both Audrey and Emma realizing that fighting is pointless when there’s a psychotic killer targeting both of them. Guess all of Audrey’s worrying was for nothing, huh?

There were a few great developments this week. The big kahuna was of course the reveal that Piper and Kristen grew up in the same orphanage (something you probably already knew if you watched the promo for the episode). The killer clearly wants Emma to know this, since he (she?) left her plenty of clues to find it out, even going so far as to throw a party in Emma’s name at the same orphanage Piper and Kristen grew up in. They even found Piper’s corpse! That was actually a pretty cool image.

“The Orphanage” saw the death of Haley, a character that no one cared about. She existed simply to be a red herring, and was killed before she even had a chance to be truly menacing. More of a nuisance than an actual threat, Scream didn’t seem to know what to do with the character, so it’s probably for the best that she was killed off so that we can spend more screen time with the characters we actually enjoy watching.

We learned about Gustavo’s sordid past: he and his friend Kyle were playing with his dad’s gun only for the gun to go off in Kyle’s face. Acosta found Gustavo drawing Kyle’s corpse, so he decided to move Gustavo to Lakewood for a fresh start. It’s not exactly the best plan when it’s coming from the sheriff, but whatever. Brooke also confronted her dad about working with Jake. Not much was done with this little subplot, but it will most definitely have repercussions for our favorite blonde in the coming weeks.

Scream continues to be stuck in a rut in its latter half of the season. With three episodes left, it’s becoming more and more difficult to care about what is going on. This is all the more depressing considering the fact that the first half of the season was a significant improvement over Season 1. Let’s hope that the series can course-correct itself and end on a high note since it’s looking less and less likely that we’ll get a third season.

Random Notes

  • Guess the Killer: One of them has to be Zoe. The killer pointed out that Noah wasn’t a virgin anymore, so I wouldn’t put it past Zoe to have sex with him just so he could have broken horror’s #1 rule. There is no way Gustavo is the killer after the reveal about Kyle. It’s too obvious.
  • On that note, since the killer was pretending to date Haley, it would make sense that the killer (or one of the killers) is male. Or is Scream going to pull a surprise lesbian twist and make the killer a female?
  • Gustavo also pocketed Brooke’s lipstick for some reason. Will this come into play later? I don’t see how, but you never know with Scream.
  • “I’m not stupid Audrey. You’re obviously impossible to get out of the picture. No wonder Noah is still a virgin.”
  • Noah pulls down a poster for “The Virgin Stabbing” as he’s losing his virginity. As clever as that is, I don’t buy that he would willingly tear one of his posters off of his wall.
  • “When was the last time you heard of a party being held at Blessed Sisters Children’s Home?
  • Zoe’s brilliant idea is to turn off all the lights knowing full well that a killer is on the loose. Everyone supports this decision. Um, what?
  • “I guess I’ll just have to find somewhere else to put my lips.”
  • “Better get upstairs before your better half rots.”
  • My screener had a trailer for next week’s episode that legit showed a major character getting stabbed. What is up with MTV giving away major spoilers in their promos?
  • Next week’s episode gets its namesake from The Vanishing. If you’ve seen that movie (or at least know its ending), you’ll understand why I’m really excited for it.

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