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[Blu-ray Review] ‘Violent Shit: The Movie’ is Aptly Named



This might be my shortest review I’ll ever write and it’s because I honestly can’t think of much to say about Violent Shit: The Movie. Directed by Luigi Pastore the film is an Italian remake of Andreas Schnaas’ German film simply titled Violent Shit. I haven’t seen the original but it would be hard pressed to be worse than this. The “story” involves a series of gruesome murders that strike Rome. The two detectives working the case find the recent killings to be similar to an old German serial killer named Karl the Butcher. Their fear is that this ruthless killer is back.

At least that’s what I think the story wants to be. In reality this is just a sleaze fest of murders and orgies and murdering orgies. Now I love sleazy, trashy slashers. I talk about them all the time. But this, this is something different. Violent Shit: The Movie is just filthy. There’s no fun to it. It’s just a bunch of bad acting with low grade gore that doesn’t look particularly good, though it does look very gross.

Now I understand the idea here isn’t to make a silly, over-the-top, super gory slasher akin to Pieces and that’s fine. Not all slashers have to be a fun party movie, but you have to give me something I can grasp on to. Engage me somehow. Give me a good story, scare me, make me think, anything, just do something. Violent Shit fails to do any of this.

The film does have cameos from Italian directors Luigi Cozzi and Enzo G. Castellari. As much as I loved seeing these two, they’re not actors and they should be used in fun, little cameos. Instead they’re given fairly important roles and it’s just kind of hard to watch. The only point of including these two is to throw a little wink at the audience, so why not use them in a fun way? I cannot stress enough how badly this film needed a major injection of fun.

The best part is the story from Goblin’s Claudio Simonetti. And even then it’s not a great score, but it has some moments. So for fans of Claudio Simonetti there may be some interest.

While I think the movie fails on virtually all levels, I think this is a pretty solid Blu-ray release. It’s the first title from the newly formed Reel Gore Releasing and they put together a nice package that includes the film on Blu-ray and DVD as well as a CD of the Simonetti soundtrack. It comes in a nice slipbook case and includes a 24-page booklet. There’s also a number of special features including a making-of, interviews with multiple cast and crew and a history of Violent Shit – apparently there’s like 4 or 5 of these original movies.

For a first release Reel Gore Releasing put together a really nice package, I just didn’t care for the movie. This is probably a good indication of the type of films they’ll release going forward though and that’s ok. I do enjoy these filthy, brutal movies, but they have to deliver something. Violent Shit: The Movie doesn’t do that, at least for me, but I am eager to see what Reel Gore releases in the future.

Violent Shit: The Movie is not a movie you recommend or don’t recommend. This is the type of film that is for a select group of people. If you’re part of that group, you’ll know it.

Violent Shit: The Movie is now available on Blu-ray from Reel Gore Releasing.