[FrightFest Review] 'Attack of the Adult Babies' is an Exercise in Cinematic Disgust - Bloody Disgusting
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[FrightFest Review] ‘Attack of the Adult Babies’ is an Exercise in Cinematic Disgust



For anyone still struggling to understand why Brexit happened, Dominic Brunt has put together a unique British social class farce to help you out, Attack of the Adult Babies. A grand old house hosts a handful of “the most influential men on the planet” living out their baby fantasies. Pantyhose-wearing “nurses” are there to feed, change and play with these pasty old white men. As you can imagine, this is a crazy set-up for a mother, son and daughter to wander into on a life-or-death errand. As with so many political issues, it comes down to the youngsters to deal with the true impact of the elder’s actions.

The full extent of the underground cult they uncover is a satirical gold mine. The bizarre lore involves the adult babies sprouting turned up piggy noses and some kind of queen pig horror (I wonder why that’s the animal of choice?) buried in the basement. And that’s excluding the super laxative and a guy massaging his own disembowelled intestines. The twisted ideas alone would be enough to leave you squirming in your seats, but to see this stuff writ large on the big screen is a whole different can of slimy worms. As you can imagine, such a depraved, off-the-wall premise requires nothing but the utmost commitment from the cast.

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Brunt collaborates with other filmmakers as the film enters other planes of reality, each expressed with varying cinematic accents, including Lee Hardcastle providing a sequence of his trademark gory claymation. The film has some trademark British humour as Brunt lingers on hilariously awkward interstitials. These moments make this a great audience movie. The laughs trickle across the theatre, and grow throughout the crowd, as each distinct chuckle adds to the surreal humour of it all.

Attack of the Adult Babies is an exercise in cinematic shock and disgust. Not all of the bodily fluids stick, but it’s unlike anything else out there. I can’t even begin to imagine what a US-centric remake would look like…