UFOs Spotted In Terror Films' 'Invasion On Chestnut Ridge' Now on VOD - Bloody Disgusting
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UFOs Spotted In Terror Films’ ‘Invasion On Chestnut Ridge’ Now on VOD



Terror Films is teaming up again with award-winning filmmaker Seth Breedlove for his latest documentary, Invasion On Chestnut Ridge, which has just arrived on various VOD platforms.

The film examines the history and continuation of unusual happenings on and around Chestnut Ridge, a mountain range located in Southwest Pennsylvania. The unexplained phenomenon in this region includes the Kecksburg UFO crash in 1965, the Uniontown Bigfoot and UFO sightings, terrifying encounters with an enormous prehistoric bird in Keystone State Park and much more.

In southwestern Pennsylvania lies an expansive mountain range called the Chestnut Ridge. Though a home for unusual activity since the 1800s, the area has been largely overlooked…until now!

Invasion On Chestnut Ridge was written, edited and directed by Breedlove as part of his “Small Town Monsters” series, which premiered on Amazon in October 2017.

Terror Films will soon expand the film’s release to multiple platforms including iTunes, Vudu, Google Play and Xbox in North America, with a Worldwide digital expansion to follow via iTunes International and iFlix. Additional platforms, VOD and a DVD release will follow at a later date.

This marks the third collaboration between Breedlove and Terror Films. Previous titles include have included The Mothman of Point Pleasant and Boggy Creek Monster.