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These are the Horror Monsters That Ruled Over the Decades



A fun infographic made by IMDb takes a look at horror movies since the 1910’s and shows which famous horror monster ruled by frequency over films. It’s a fascinating look into what monsters have scared us the most over the years.

Somewhat surprisingly, it seems that ghosts have inspired the most fear, dominating five of the last 11 decades with vampires coming in second with three decades. I guess the fear of the unknown and the fear of the immortal actually makes a lot of sense. After all, many of us keenly feel the loss of a loved one and the thought that they’re still around can be comforting, so ghosts are definitely on the table.

As for vampires, there’s something very alluring and tempting about the thought of somehow beating our own mortality, no matter the horrible cost. In fact, we posted the first of a new series titled “Horror Trip” that goes over vampires and their history. You should
give it a watch.

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