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Mezco Says ‘Beetlejuice’ Twice



Mezco made two Beetlejuice announcements yesterday as they’ll be bringing a pair of new products to enter the collections of the living this fall.

The first Beetlejuice stands 8 inches tall and features his black and white striped suite and tangled mass of mossy green hair. His sardonic grimace reveals his trademark yellowed teeth. Mezco has captured every detail of the rambunctious ghost and transformed him into the cuddliest ghoul in purgatory.

Beetlejuice comes with an informative hangtag and is sure to thrill any fan of Tim Burton’s Oscar-winning film.

The other is a 6 inch Roto Figure, “From his ghoulish green hair, to his gross, yellowed teeth and dressed to kill in his iconic black and white suit, Mezco has captured every detail of this obnoxious apparition.”

Standing 6 inches tall and featuring 8 points of articulation, Beetlejuice comes packaged in a collector friendly window box suitable for display. NOTE: Box is not sandworm proof!

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