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20 Nightmarish Vintage Halloween Costumes



Tomorrow is the 1st of October, the month of Halloween. It’s a time when all things spooky, scary, and mysterious become the norm, when people embrace the darkness that we horror fans enjoy year round. And what is more iconic during Halloween than costumes? Sure, there are parties throughout the year where people get dressed up – wearing green on Saint Patrick’s Day or putting on a Santa outfit for local children around Christmas – but Halloween is the only time where your imagination can run wild and it’s seen as socially acceptable, even encouraged.

Figuring out a Halloween costume is a pretty stressful thing for some people, especially with so many different outfits becoming popular and overused. After all, how many times have we all seen The Crow‘s Eric Draven? Or someone dressed as Jason Voorhees? Or a zombie? Some things have simply become overdone, which is why inspiration for new ideas and new outfits are always welcome.

To that end, instead of trying to think of the future of Halloween costumes, I recommend we look to our past and take inspiration from the outfits of bygone days. That’s why I’ve gathered 20 various images that show how creepy and inventive some of those costumes were! Check them out below and then show us in the comments your own Halloween costumes!

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