M&M's Halloween Commercial is Secretly a Short Horror Film! - Bloody Disgusting
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M&M’s Halloween Commercial is Secretly a Short Horror Film!



Tricks for unsuspecting viewers and a delicious treat for us horror fans.

M&M’S and FOX have teamed to serve television audiences a commercial, only it’s secretly a short horror film.

Pegged as a “bite-size horror” story, the two-minute long “The Road” follows a father who takes his daughters to a dark country road to investigate an urban legend.

It’s unknown who the director is, but this short film is excellent. It’s not only relatable (this mythology is one that’s in nearly every town) but it’s incredibly well-shot and has not one, but two phenomenal moments.

With three weeks until Halloween, I’m hoping this is just the first in a series of shorts in the pipeline. I’ll scream “trick or treat” from the rooftops for more bite-size horror…