Here's What 'Terminator 2' Would Be Like if Nicolas Cage Played the T-1000 - Bloody Disgusting
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Here’s What ‘Terminator 2’ Would Be Like if Nicolas Cage Played the T-1000



Face-swapping technology is all the rage, thanks to Snapchat, and a new algorithm is taking it next level.

As the Outline explains, Back in December, Motherboard discovered a Reddit user who was using a neural network to swap the faces of celebrities including Gal Godot and Taylor Swift onto the bodies of porn performers. Just weeks later, another Redditor used the same algorithm to create a user-friendly program called FakeApp which streamlines the process, letting users plug in a database of images to create new videos without much technical know-how about deep learning technologies. In the wake of FakeApp, Motherboard reported, the phenomenon exploded — the Deepfakes subreddit, for instance, now has more than 30,000 followers.

“Now, on Reddit, users are using Deepfakes to bring that trend to the moving picture. One clip swaps Cage onto the body of Andy Samberg on the set of Saturday Night Live, seated next to the real Cage. Another pastes his face onto the body of Stannis Baratheon, a Game of Thrones character played by Stephen Dillane. Yet another casts him onto the visage of Sean Connery in Dr. No.” However, for this writer, the big win is this scene from James Cameron’s Terminator 2. What if Rage Cage starred opposite Arnold Schwarzenegger instead of Robert Patrick? If this gif is any indication, he would have fit perfectly in the role – at least until he going into an emotional rage like in Wicker Man or The Vampire’s Kiss