These Terrifying Robot Wolves Now Prowl Farms in Japan to Keep Boars Away - Bloody Disgusting
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These Terrifying Robot Wolves Now Prowl Farms in Japan to Keep Boars Away



They’ve been dubbed “Super Monster Wolves. And yes, this is 100% real.

Scarecrows may do a good job keeping birds away, but how do you control pest problems of a bigger kind? Well, over in Japan, wild boars are a huge problem on farms; there are nearly one million of them in Japan, and their epic feasts on chestnuts, rice, and other crops are collectively contributing to massive amounts of agricultural waste.

In an effort to get the boar problem under control, some mad genius created the “Super Monster Wolf,” a robotic, roaming hell-beast that’s equipped with a terrifying howl as well as a set of glowing red eyes. It may look like a decoration you’d spend way too much on at Spirit Halloween, but it’s actually proven to be a game-changer.

The robotic wolves, which measure right around two-feet tall and rely on motion sensors to detect the pests they’ve been tasked with spooking, are soon entering mass production, allowing farmers around Japan to hire their own for about $5,000. Early trials have proven incredibly successful; the monster wolves do their jobs quite efficiently.

As for real wolves, they’ve been extinct in Japan since the 19th century. Here’s hoping their new robot doppelgangers don’t end up going into business for themselves…

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