Skating Company Supreme Previews a Massive 'Hellraiser' Clothing Line - Bloody Disgusting
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Skating Company Supreme Previews a Massive ‘Hellraiser’ Clothing Line



Wherein we inform you that Hellraiser 3 basketball shorts are now a thing.

NYC-based clothing company Supreme just announced today that they’ll be putting a massive Hellraiser-inspired clothing line up for grabs this week, with the collection set to be made available in-store (Brooklyn, LA, London, Paris) and online April 26.

The collection will also arrive in Japan on April 28.

“This Spring, Supreme has worked on a collection featuring imagery from the Hellraiser series. The collection consists of a trench coat, BDU shirt, sweater, football jersey, skate pant, mesh short, two hooded sweatshirts, two short sleeve t-shirts, beanie, keychain and a skateboard.”

You’ll notice that the collection is specifically based on Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth, simply because the third film in the franchise is the easiest one to get a license for.

Head over to Supreme’s website to learn more.


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