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Help Bring a George Romero Memorial Bust to Pennsylvania’s ‘Dawn of the Dead’ Mall



Forty years ago, the late George A. Romero forever immortalized Pennsylvania’s Monroeville Mall as an iconic tourist destination for horror fans, filming his classic Dawn of the Dead inside the still-operational mall. Now, one fan has taken it upon himself to ensure that Romero is forever remembered inside the mall with a memorial bust.

On Indiegogo, the Monroeville or Bust! campaign is a fundraiser well worth supporting, as it aims to raise the $18,000 necessary to create and produce a bronze bust in Romero’s likeness, which will be permanently installed inside the Monroeville Mall.

Christian Stavrakis, the man behind the campaign, writes…

“My love of film – and eventually other forms of artistic expression – is an outgrowth of my youthful obsession with the works of one man: George A. Romero. The world lost a great creative soul in 2016, and it’s time this man was honored in Pittsburgh with a proper, respectful memorial to his zeal, humor, and independent spirit. Pittsburgh now has a bustling film community, but it all started with George and his band of merry men at the Latent Image. I’ve sculpted George as he appeared on Press Night in January, 1978. See the big grin on his face? That grin was the precursor to what I thought of as George’s Tom Bombadil laugh, a great, hearty roar that seemed to emanate from the very ground beneath his feet.”

The incentives for donating to the cause include exclusive t-shirts, commemorative posters and postcards, a 1/3 scale version of the George Romero bust, reproductions of the famous ashtray prop from Creepshow, DVDs of the film Mortal Remains (which features many alumni from George’s films), and a few other fun things.

Head over to the Monroeville or Bust! campaign to learn more and pitch in.

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