Police Department in Pennsylvania Has Fun On Halloween By Publicly Arresting "Michael Myers" - Bloody Disgusting
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Police Department in Pennsylvania Has Fun On Halloween By Publicly Arresting “Michael Myers”



This year’s Halloween kinda-sorta changes the ending of John Carpenter’s original, adding to the final moments by letting us know that Michael Myers actually was apprehended on Halloween night back in 1978, and subsequently locked up in an institution. We don’t actually get to see Michael’s arrest in the film, which certainly would’ve made for an interesting scene.

But thanks to the Carlisle Borough Police Department in Cumberland Valley, Pennsylvania, we now have an idea what it’d look like to see Michael Myers taken into custody like any ordinary criminal. As a fun Halloween prank this past Wednesday night, the CBPD staged the arrest of “Michael Myers,” sharing their catch with the world over on their Facebook page.

The page announced…

“Last night, the Carlisle Borough Police Department apprehended Michael Myers, a 61-year-old fugitive from Haddonfield, Illinois. Myers, known to law enforcement as The Boogeyman, was arrested by Ofc. Zach Saum. Myers was found wandering around near Union Fire Company.

Police arrested Myers after receiving a call from a concerned resident about a suspicious person in the neighborhood. “At first I didn’t think anything of him. I thought he was just a really tall trick-or-treater,” stated the resident, who did not want to reveal their name. “But he was still out there long after Trick-or-Treat was over, just staring into space. It was really freaky.”

Officers in Myers’ home state are unsure why he was so far away on Halloween night. “We were waiting for him all night and he never showed,” said Chief Hawkins of the Haddonfield PD. “It was strange, since this is his big night.” When Carlisle officers asked Myers why he came to the Borough, he wouldn’t say a word; he just kept breathing heavily.

UPDATE: After police removed his mask, they determined it was not Michael Myers, but instead Union Fire Chief Brian Hamilton. Hamilton was just trying to scare some of the firefighters at Union. This means the real Michael Myers is still out there, hopefully in Illinois.”

Gotta love the way Halloween brings out the horror spirit in everyone!


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