Was 'Jurassic Park' a Fraud? This "Fyre" Mashup Trailer Thinks So! [Video] - Bloody Disgusting
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Was ‘Jurassic Park’ a Fraud? This “Fyre” Mashup Trailer Thinks So! [Video]



One of the craziest stories of 2017 was that of the Fyre Festival, a failed “luxury music festival” founded by Billy McFarland, CEO of Fyre Media Inc, and rapper Ja Rule. While many of us watched as the madness unfolded live on social media, the full story was documented in two different movies, one on Hulu and the other on Netflix. The documentary followed McFarland as he attempts to speak the Fyre Festival into existence. In the end, he would be charged with fraud and subsequentially sentenced to six years in prison.

Nerdist found many similarities in McFarland’s presence (and promises) to that of John Hammond and his dream of Jurassic Park. The result is this mashup trailer that reimagines Jurassic Park as Hammond’s own disastrous event, only this one served green Jell-O…and many people died.

Watch what is easily one of the best trailer mashups around…

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