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Jigsaw’s Games Aren’t Over Yet [Exclusive]



Even though John Kramer (Tobin Bell) had his throat slit in the Darren Lynn Bousman-directed SAW III, Jigsaw refuses to remain dead.

2017 was a banner year for horror films, which resulted in more than a handful of box office success stories. One of these surprises was Twisted Pictures and Lionsgate’s Jigsaw, the eighth film in the SAW franchise that brought the infamous Jigsaw killer back for one final game. Or was it?

As we’ve previously reported here on Bloody, Jigsaw was a huge success having topped $100M worldwide at the box office. Shot on a reported budget of only $10M, it needed to hit approximately $40M to break even, making this a monstrous success.

So, it’s without surprise that I’m telling you that Twisted Pictures is planning a ninth SAW. While I don’t know much, here’s what I do know – it’s just a “conversation” at the moment, and Jigsaw directors Michael and Peter Spierig will not be returning to their director’s chairs.

While I quite enjoyed Jigsaw, I think it’s time for a reboot of sorts. I think this franchise needs a new look and direction. If they were to continue in the same universe, let’s pray they bring back Amanda (Shawnee Smith)…

What do you think?

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