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Exclusive ‘Freddy vs. Jason’ Keyrings Coming to SDCC 2017



If you’ve been to your local Toys R Us in recent months, you’ve probably come across Monogram Direct’s figural keyrings of your favorite horror icons, packaged in a blind bag presentation. In other words, you don’t know who you’ve bought until you open the package up.

Characters such as Pennywise, Regan MacNeil and David from The Lost Boys are part of Monogram’s keyring line, as are Freddy, Jason and Pamela Voorhees. Speaking of the latter three icons, they’re part of a special Freddy vs. Jason 3-pack that the company is bringing to next month’s San Diego Comic Con!

The exclusive pack of foam key rings includes the previously released figures of Freddy and Jason, along with a translucent Pamela Voorhees that is only available in this set. Only 300 packs have been made, and they’ll be up for grabs at booth #3645.

Previous Friday the 13th and Nightmare on Elm Street variants in Monogram’s Horror Series have included an unmasked Jason and even a “Freddy w/antennas,” the latter inspired by the iconic “Welcome to prime time, bitch” scene from Dream Warriors!

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