Artist Just Made an Amazing Pennywise 'Cabbage Patch Kids' Doll - Bloody Disgusting
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Artist Just Made an Amazing Pennywise ‘Cabbage Patch Kids’ Doll



We all float in the Cabbage Patch.

Artists all have their own unique ways of expressing themselves, and Michelle Martin is certainly no exception. You’re probably aware that the Garbage Pail Kids trading card line was a spoof of the Cabbage Patch Kids doll line, and Michelle plays around with this fact by, well, turning Cabbage Patch Kids into Garbage Pail Kids!

Michelle paints, sculpts and adds her own clothing to vintage Cabbage Patch Kids, making them look like the gross-out characters that the dolls inspired back in the ’80s. Her latest creation may not be based on an official Garbage Pail Kids card, but it’s one we think you’re going to love.

In celebration of IT‘s recent release into theaters, Michelle turned one of her Cabbage Patch Kids dolls into the original iteration of Pennywise, as portrayed by Tim Curry!

Over on her Instagram page, where Michelle debuted Pennywise this week, she noted that the doll is up for grabs. So if you’re interested, DM her for details.

Check out the process below.