Trick or Treat Studios Previews 2018 Masks; 'Chainsaw 3'! 'Return of the Living Dead'! - Bloody Disgusting
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Trick or Treat Studios Previews 2018 Masks; ‘Chainsaw 3’! ‘Return of the Living Dead’!



Let’s begin the countdown to Halloween 2018, shall we?

No mask-making company on the planet right now does it better than Trick or Treat Studios, who first made their presence known on the Halloween scene with the most screen-accurate Michael Myers mask to ever be mass produced.

They’ve outdone themselves every year since.

Over on Instagram and Facebook, Trick or Treat Studios has already begun teasing their Halloween 2018 offerings, thus far showing off a Texas Chainsaw Massacre III mask as well as giving us the first look at their new Return of the Living Dead collection. The latter will include Tarman and “Party Skeletons” masks, and even a Trash costume.

Also coming in 2018 is a collection of masks based on The Strangers: Prey at Night, along with a mask of Full Moon’s titular Shrieker. Preview the 2018 goodies below!