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You Could Help Make This LEGO “Addams Family” Mansion a Real Set!



LEGO Ideas is a pretty cool branch of the LEGO brand, allowing fans to quite literally pitch their own LEGO concepts directly to the company. Essentially, the platform encourages you to upload images and details of your creations, which will be forwarded to the desks of the folks in charge IF you can get 10,000 upvotes on your idea.

From there, well, it’s possible that your creation *could* become reality.

One of the coolest concepts on there at the moment comes courtesy of “afol777,” who has pitched a set depicting the “Addams Family” mansion from the original TV series. This is actually the LEGO-head’s second attempt at getting the company to produce the set; the first received 10,000 votes, but exceeded the LEGO Ideas parts limit.

The artist explains, “After my original 2016 LEGO Addams Family Mansion received such great IDEAS fan support (10,000 votes!), I have created a Modular version keeping under the 3,000 part IDEAS limit. Although some reduction in detail was inevitable as the original had over 7,000 parts, the Mansion remains in its full glory.”

Construction details:

  • 3 floor Mansion, each floor is a removable segment, like standard LEGO modular construction
  • The Mansion measures 23” (57cm) high, 10” (25cm) wide and 15” (38cm) deep
  • A full glass greenhouse
  • Includes 8 minifigs: Morticia, Gomez, Wednesday, Pugsley, Uncle Fester, Grandmama, Cousin It and Lurch
  • The build includes 2,975 original LEGO pieces, no modifications

Look for these special characters and details:

  • Tish relaxing in her large rattan chair, with her black fan
  • Gomez practicing fencing in the living room
  • Beware of Thing… delivering mail from his table
  • Cleopatra, the meat eating plant and others in the greenhouse
  • The tall stuffed polar bear watching over all the proceedings
  • The NYSE stock market ticker tape machine
  • Suit of Armor – who is hiding inside?
  • Massive fireplace, with the familiar moose head above the mantle
  • Have a rest on the bed of nails upstairs
  • Kitty Kat the lion upstairs, along with a coffin
  • Grandmama and Uncle Fester with his light bulb and dynamite
  • Back upper deck, with cannon and cannon balls
  • Backyard cemetery, with unknown inhabitants
  • Special guests of the mansion include bats, owls, spiders, parrots and a rat
  • Spider web in the attic

Check out many more images and support this project if you want to build it yourself!


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