Mezco's 18" 'Kong: Skull Island' Figure is Totally Badass [Toy Fair] - Bloody Disgusting
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Mezco’s 18″ ‘Kong: Skull Island’ Figure is Totally Badass [Toy Fair]



A company called Lanard released a full line of Kong: Skull Island toys in time for the release of the supremely entertaining movie last year, but those were way more kid-friendly than they were movie accurate. We loved them, don’t get us wrong, but we were hoping another company would come along and make even better Skull Island toys.

Mezco has answered our prayers!

The company just showed off a massive 18″ Kong figure at the ongoing Toy Fair, set for release in 2019, along with a smaller 7″ figure that’s coming in Summer 2018.

Check out both below!

Credit to Preternia‘s @FakeEyes22 and @themovielord for the below pics.


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