You Can Soon Own a Life-Size 'Ghostbusters' Terror Dog Wall Bust! - Bloody Disgusting
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You Can Soon Own a Life-Size ‘Ghostbusters’ Terror Dog Wall Bust!



Of course, it’s gonna cost you. Terror Dogs don’t come cheap.

What if Terror Dogs were real? What if they were hunted for sport? And what if hunters mounted their heads in their homes, as they do their other kills? Personally speaking, I damn sure wouldn’t be out there hunting Terror Dogs, but Chronicle Collectibles has done that work for us all – and made this bizarre imaginary scenario a reality.

As revealed by ToyArk this morning, Chronicle Collectibles is soon unleashing a life-size 1/1 scale Terror Dog Wall Mount Bust, which has been directly cast from the puppet that was actually screen-used in the original Ghostbusters!

This massive collectible is perfect for fans of either version of the Terror Dog,” says the site. “It will include two different sets of horns so fans can display it as Vinz Clortho or as Zuul. Another feature is that the Terror Dog will include remote controlled light up LED eyes.”

Pre-orders begin this coming Friday, February 23, over on the Chronicle Collectibles website. The cost? $850 for the first 30 days, and $999 after the first 30 days.


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