Trick or Treat Studios Releasing Aged Michael Myers Masks from This Year's Movie Mold! - Bloody Disgusting
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Trick or Treat Studios Releasing Aged Michael Myers Masks from This Year’s Movie Mold!



We haven’t yet seen the mask Michael Myers will be wearing in this year’s Halloween, but makeup effects artist/mask designer Christopher Nelson recently explained what went into creating Myers’ new look, which is actually more of an “old” look; the mask Michael will be wearing this year is supposed to be the same mask he wore in 1978, so Nelson created a new mask to capture 40 years of wear and tear on the classic.

On a similarly exciting note, Trick or Treat Studios just announced over the weekend that they will be the official costume licensor for the David Gordon Green-directed sequel to John Carpenter’s original classic, with plans to release screen-accurate replicas of Nelson’s mask and other goodies based on the new movie!

We are thrilled to announce that Trick or Treat Studios is the official Costume Licensor for Halloween 2018! We are producing the masks now from toolings that come directly out of the screen used mold!” they tease. “You guys and ghouls are going to be blown away! This mask is awesome!

Additionally, we’ve learned that Nelson and his Halloween makeup effects collaborator Vincent Van Dyke have joined Trick or Treat Studios’ design team.


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