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Official ‘Hellboy: The Board Game’ Just Launched on Kickstarter and Already Smashed Goal!



The Hellboy franchise continues kicking ass with new comics and an upcoming feature film reboot, as well as all kinds of toys from Funko, the title character’s recent addition to Injustice 2, and even the big red dude’s own brand of “Hell Water” cinnamon whiskey. What’s next for Hellboy and his red right hand of doom? A board game!

Mantic Games and Dark Horse have entered into a licensing partnership to produce Hellboy: The Board Game, based on Mike Mignola’s comic book universe. The board game, which we originally reported on back in January, just made its way onto Kickstarter today, seeking $139,820 by May 25. Amazingly, with 29 days still left, the fund has already raised over $275,000, with over 2,000 backers kicking in so far!

In the game, “You become a member of the Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defence (BPRD), ready to investigate occult threats that threaten our very existence. You will explore gothic locations, hunt down clues, discover artefacts, fight horrific creatures and face off against terrifying bosses.”

“Designed by James M. Hewitt – the brains behind the likes of DreadBall, Blood Bowl 2016, Necromunda: Underhive, and Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower – Hellboy: The Board Game features incredibly detailed, pre-assembled PVC plastic miniatures that capture the unique look and feel of Mike Mignola’s visionary work.”

“Hellboy: The Board Game gives you the chance to take control of an iconic member of the BPRD. Choose from Hellboy, Abe Sapien, Liz Sherman and Johann Kraus before equipping your agent with additional items that will help in the mission ahead. Each trinket, charm or weapon costs money though, so you’ll need to spend wisely.”

To learn more and secure one, check out Hellboy: The Board Game on Kickstarter.

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