This Fan Made a Replica 'Elm Street' House for the Ultimate Horror Toy Display - Bloody Disgusting
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This Fan Made a Replica ‘Elm Street’ House for the Ultimate Horror Toy Display



Personally speaking, I’ve always argued that toys make for way cooler display pieces inside their original packaging rather than outside of it, but this particular diorama-style display piece for NECA’s various horror icon toys is making me question that stance.

Reader Ant O’Donnell just brought his awesome handiwork to our attention, showing off a custom-made replica of the iconic 1428 Elm Street house from the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise that houses his Elm Street, Friday the 13th, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Hellraiser, Scream and Child’s Play figures, uniting all the big icons under one roof!

Ant told us, “I have recently completed a project for my NECA horror figures with a leaning more towards Freddy Krueger. It is the house inspired by the 3rd film but with 4 rooms and two stairway/hallways. There are just a few minor differences to the outside of the house for space and display reasons and I still have to add doll house lighting.”

Now this is how you display your love for horror in your home!


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