StudioADI Selling 'Alien: Resurrection' "Newborn Alien" Busts from Actual Production Molds - Bloody Disgusting
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StudioADI Selling ‘Alien: Resurrection’ “Newborn Alien” Busts from Actual Production Molds



“There is nothing more exact to the original character than this.”

Attempts to clone an Alien were beyond science’s ability in Alien: Resurrection, resulting in the creation of the tortured creature known as the “Newborn.” A human-Xenomorph hybrid, the so-called Newborn was the handiwork of the masters over at studioADI, and the company is now selling 1:1, screen accurate replica busts.

The 30″ long x 20″ wide x 24″ tall busts are limited to just 50 pieces worldwide.

“Cast in translucent fiberglass from ADI’s Hero mold. Like other pieces it is painted in the same detail as our film work, then coated with a high gloss automotive sealer.”

As you’d probably imagine, these extremely limited pieces are selling for a pretty penny, up for grabs in the ADI shop for $4,000 each. Only for the most dedicated fans!

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