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Appease the Old Ones With Funko’s Cthulhu Cereal This August!



All hail Cthulhu, who can soon be worshiped at the breakfast table!

Funko just launched a brand new line of cereals, with Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees being two of the first pop culture characters to get their own. Both cereals are now up for grabs exclusively through FYE, both in store and through FYE’s website.

Next month’s Wave 2, as we learned last week, will include Pennywise and Beetlejuice cereals, and now we know that green Cthulhu cereal is also being released in August. Cthulhu’s cereal will be exclusive to Books-a-Million, and it includes a mini POP! toy as a prize!

Funko recently detailed the cereal line…

“Funko, purveyors of pop culture and all things awesome, is committed to helping you start the day off right by putting the fun back in breakfast with FunkO’s. And as we all know from Saturday morning commercials; every breakfast starts with a bowl of brightly colored cereal that comes out of a box with a really cool mascot on the front and a prize inside!

Funko is kicking off this summer with six new FunkO’s cereals, each guaranteed to turn your milk a different amazing color. Funko has no shortage of beloved mascots that already feature largely in the Funkoverse as Pop! vinyl figures and other collectibles. Now these pop culture icons will join you for breakfast!

In July, Mega Man FunkO’s will be available at GameStop, Cuphead & Mugman FunkO’s will be available at Hot Topic, Freddy FunkO’s will be available through Funko,Nightmare On Elm Street’s Freddy Krueger FunkO’s and Friday the 13th’s Jason FunkO’s will be available at FYE, and The Lord of the Rings FunkO’s featuring Gollum will be available at BoxLunch. Additional cereals will continue to be added throughout the year for your snacking pleasure.

And of course, to put the fun back in breakfast, each box contains a collectible prize, making the boxes as much fun to collect as they are to eat! You’ll find a collectible figure inside every box of FunkO’s, so you’re going to want two boxes – one to taste, and one to display on your shelf with your Pop! collection.”

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