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This ‘Cryptkeeper’ POP! is Fan Made But Let’s Beg Funko for a Real One



It’s impossible to know how many different characters (and real life people) Funko has turned into POP! vinyl toys over the years, but I can be sure that the number is VERY high. It seems like the company is announcing brand new POP! toys every single day, and they continue to give a ton of love to the horror genre. This Halloween, we’re even getting a Part 2 Jason!

But there are still some true icons who haven’t yet made the leap into the massive POP! vinyl line, and one vinyl toy I’d like to see most is our dead old pal, the Cryptkeeper.

Over on Etsy, I recently came across a custom-made Funko POP! vinyl toy of the Cryptkeeper, which has only increased my desire for a real one. The shop iGoRareCustoms is currently, at the time of writing this article, selling two different versions of a custom-made Cryptkeeper: standard and metallic. The toy is based on the HBO redesign of the EC Comics character, particular evoking the feel of the spinoff animated series, “Tales from the Cryptkeeper.”

For now, I’m glad someone made this. But come on Funko, what are you waiting for?!

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