Nick Castle's 'The Last Starfighter' Was Supposed to Get a Toy Line in the '80s and the Prototypes Have Been Found! - Bloody Disgusting
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Nick Castle’s ‘The Last Starfighter’ Was Supposed to Get a Toy Line in the ’80s and the Prototypes Have Been Found!



After playing Michael Myers in Halloween, Nick Castle made his mark as a director with space opera The Last Starfighter, released into theaters in 1984. Lance Guest starred as a teenager recruited by an alien defense force to fight in an interstellar war, and though the film may have found its audience these past 30 years, it wasn’t much of a hit when it was released.

As a result, a planned toy line from Galoob got the ax back in 1984. The unreleased toys had been teased inside the pages of toy catalogues at the time, and all these years later, website Plaid Stallions has managed to track down those original Last Starfighter prototype toys!

This past week I got one of those emails that I just absolutely live for and that is from the owner of the hand painted set of prototype figures for the Last Star Fighter,” the site’s owner wrote in an article over the weekend, relaying the story of how the owner managed to get his hands on the extremely rare toy prototypes. You can read the whole story over on the site.

How cool are these?!

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