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“The Walking Dead” Props and Costumes Joining Museum of American History!



It was seven years ago, on Halloween night, that we first met Rick Grimes on AMC’s “The Walking Dead,an adaptation of Robert Kirkman’s same-named comic book series that has gone on to become more popular and successful than anyone ever dreamed.

Simply put, “The Walking Dead” has become a massively important part of pop culture; love it or hate it, it’s one of the horror genre’s all-time biggest success stories.

Solidifying the show’s iconic status, we’ve just learned that the Smithsonian National Museum of American History has secured several props and costumes that’ll soon be going on public display. What value does the museum see in “The Walking Dead”? It’s not simply about how popular the show is.

According to my colleague, Curator Eric Jentsch, the museum wanted to collect from the show not only because it is a commercial and critical success that represents the art of television but also because it can help us to better understand the American experience,” Jane Rogers wrote on the museum’s blog this week. “Exploring themes such as the dehumanization of modern life, terrorism, climate change, disease, and violence, the show provokes thoughtful and emotional considerations of difficult topics and themes.”

Props from “The Walking Dead” that’ll soon be making their way into the museum’s cultural exhibition include Hershel’s severed head, a bust of the memorable “Bicycle Girl” zombie, Michonne’s katana, Daryl’s crossbow and Merle Dixon’s deadly arm rig. Costumes include ones worn by Carl Grimes and Glenn Rhee.

Head over to the National Museum of American History’s blog for a virtual walk-through.


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