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Trailer for Netflix’s ‘The End Of The F***ing World’

E4 and Netflix partnered up earlier this year for the teen thriller The End of the F***ing World, which follows the adventures of disturbed teenager James who embarks on a road trip with a new girl in school, Alyssa, to find her real father. One night, however, the pair find themselves caught up in events that lead them down an increasingly menacing and surreal path.

Alex Lawther, who was excellently mortifying in “Black Mirror”, stars as the young teen alongside Jessica Barden (“Penny Dreaful”).

Written by Charlie Covell and based on the award-winning series of comic books by Charles Forsman, the series is described as a darkly comic road trip tale.

Jonathan Entwistle and Lucy Tcherniak direct, while Kate Ogborn (The Unloved, Red Riding) is producer.

Channel 4 is launching the full series in the UK on October 24th, while a Netflix release should be coming soon hereafter.



  • Grimphantom
    Seriously what i just watched? It feels like a low budget version of Donnie Darko and Ghost world

  • Simon Allen

    It looks awful .

  • J Jett

    speaking of Netflix, has anyone been watching SLASHER season 2 (the one set in the winter summer camp)? by episode 4 i already figured out who the killer is. the HUGE problem with this 2nd season is that just about every character in the show is 100% vile/unlikable. there is absolutely no one to root for.

    oh and regarding END OF THE FUCKING WORLD…i liked Jessica Barden in the movie HANNAH but i don’t think i can handle a show about 2 douche bag psycho teens doing whatever the fuck they want at everyone else’s expense. real life is already full of people like that. i want a bit more escapism in my tv shows/movies.

    • Riiiiiiiiiight

      I wrote in my review of SLASHER season 2 that the show is the kind of thing the FF button your remote is made for.

      • J Jett

        Riiiiiight, where can i read your review of season 2 and i’m dying to know if who it seems overtly clear is the killer actually IS the killer.

        oh and i definitely hated the rape in season 2.

    • zombie84_41

      Ya I got slasher in my Q I might watch it oneday when I’m bored and miserable.

    • lion7718

      I’ve watched 3 episodes. I’m glad it’s a different cast than season 1…because I can’t remember anything about it…lol. I wish the blonde girl would fn’ die already.

      • J Jett

        lion7718, i know right?! that blonde girl is unbareable (although she becomes a tiny bit more likable in ep. 4). who do you suspect may be the killer? i’m only on ep.5 (about to start ep.6) and i’m pretty sure i know who it is.

        • lion7718

          I got the killer right also, but I was hoping it was someone else.

    • turk

      I’m only 2.5 episodes in and I can say it is an improvement on the insanely boring first season. But the jury is still out for me. Decent enough to watch as I doze off to sleep.

  • zombie84_41

    Fuck you for being so misleading I wanta see death destruction. Oh wait wrong movie I’m sorry for being so upset I was thinking of Geostorm. In theaters tomorrow.

  • zombie84_41

    To be honest I rather watch porn than this.

  • turk

    So, is this a “teen thriller” because it is written for young adults or because it stars teens?

  • Jerry Kavanagh

    OK I’ve watched most “The end of the **** world” it and I can say it is brilliant. Beautifully filmed a real bonny and Clyde type story. Very reminiscent of Badlands. One of the best series I’ve watched in ages.

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