Tonight's Episode of "The Exorcist" Hopes to Save the Integrated [Exclusive] - Bloody Disgusting
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Tonight’s Episode of “The Exorcist” Hopes to Save the Integrated [Exclusive]



After last Friday’s terrifying third episode, Fox’s “The Exorcist” series continues tonight with “One For Sorrow”, which begins as Andy confronts the strange incidents taking place on the island, while his foster home receives a surprising new addition. Marcus investigates a series of natural disturbances with the help of a local wildlife biologist, while Tomas continues to question the strange visions that led him to Seattle. Meanwhile, Bennett’s uneasy partnership with the enigmatic Mouse takes a dark turn.

We have an exclusive look at the episode in which Father Bennett tries to exorcise an “integrated” woman, but Mouse (Zuleikha Robinson) stops him and warns him about a war with the demons.

As creator Jeremy Slater explained to us last week, Mouse is “our first Female Exorcist.” He continued, “As a woman, she was not sanctioned or taught by the Church, so Mouse had to go to other religions and spirituality to train herself. And her methods are far different than the typical “Ritual and Repetition” taught by the Catholics to drive out demons. As her unofficial contact told Bennet: ‘Try not to let her have a gun.’”