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[Exclusive] Video Recaps “The Exorcist” Season 2 Ahead of Friday’s Return



In Season 2 so far…

After a one-week hiatus this past Friay night due to World Series preemption, “The Exorcist” returns to FOX this coming Friday night, November 3rd, at 9/8c.

We’ve thus far been treated to four episodes of Season 2, which have primarily focused on three main storylines. While Tomas and Marcus have been on the road taking on an array of different cases, one that brilliantly subverted the tropes of the possession sub-genre by delivering a surprising twist, we’ve been hanging out with a brand new cast of characters: the kids who occupy a foster home run by actor John Cho’s Andy.

Meanwhile, the conspiracy within the church has heated up, being investigated by Father Bennett as well as another new character, a badass female exorcist named Mouse.

Tomas and Marcus have finally arrived at the aforementioned foster home, where something *really* strange is afoot. Another massive twist shocked us all in Episode 4.

But video is better than words. So check out a 9-minute recap of “The Exorcist” Season 2’s first four episodes below, which ends with a new sneak peek of Episode 5!

In “There But for the Grace of God, Go I,” airing November 3, “The demon finally makes its presence known; Andy, Rose and the children are set on a collision course with the supernatural presence; Disturbing new information about the conspiracy comes to light.”