"Stranger Things" Just Launched a Fun "Feed Dart" Interactive Game - Bloody Disgusting
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“Stranger Things” Just Launched a Fun “Feed Dart” Interactive Game



Feed Dart friends. Feed Dart family. Feed Dart EVERYONE.

The third episode of “Stranger Things” Season 2, titled “The Pollywog,” is something of a love letter to Gremlins. Teased at the very end of the previous episode, “The Pollywog” sees Dustin adopting a lovable, slimy pet that he names Dart… unbeknownst to him, well, let’s just say Dart is a little troublemaker.

Now, Netflix wants you to take care of Dart for yourself, launching the interactive game “Feed Dart” today. Essentially, the game allows you to upload any photo you desire, which is then animated into a shareable little video that shows Dart eating that photo.

Head over to Feed Dart to, well, feed Dart!


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