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“The Walking Dead” Mid-Season Finale Will Be Feature Length



How much you want to bet that someone dies?

“The Walking Dead” has become known for having season premieres and finales that extend beyond the usual 60-minute runtime, and the mid-season finale of Season 8 will be no exception. We’ve just learned that the finale, airing December 10, will be an 88-minute monster, which amounts to over an hour of the show + commercials!

Season 8’s mid-season finale will be the eighth of the season’s sixteen episodes, and Greg Nicotero, as usual, was the man in the director’s chair for the extended special.

At this time, we don’t have plot details or even an episode title, but we can expect that the mid-season finale will wrap up some major storylines while also leaving us on the edge of our seats for the second half of the season. After all, the show’s M.O. of late has been rebooting every 8 episodes, essentially giving us two big finales per season.

Many have already lost their lives during the war between Rick & Negan, and we expect that at least one major character won’t make it to Season 8’s second half.

Any guesses?